"I eat chocolate covered chocolate, with chocolate!"


Image: Ted E Bare

The Characters

Read About Me: Ted E Bare

Ted E. Bare is a cute and cuddly bear who easily gains sympathy and affection. Although simple-minded, he has the ability to fabricate lies to fulfill his basic needs. Because Ted E. is fearful and gullible, he assumes the role of "victim" and uses his suffering to get attention. He is driven by the basic needs very similar to those of a human baby. He is easily entertained and a simple activity can occupy his mind for hours. He quickly becomes confused with the slightest dilemma and usually chooses to hide rather than confront the problem.

Ted E.'s best friend and worst enemy is Chuck Wood. Ted E. admires Chuck and yearns for his attention, which usually consists of teasing and pestering. To Ted E. Bare, negative attention is better than none at all. There are times when the two of them get along and Ted E. treasures these moments. Ted E. Bare is lovable and easy to please even though he can be frustrating and tedious. His naiveté produces a positive outlook on life which is contagious to those around him.